Re: [NTLK] Stop the paper roll?

From: Eric L. Strobel (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 12:31:46 EST

at the temporal coordinates: 3/14/02 11:57 AM, the entity known as Bradford
Schmidt at conveyed the following:

> Is there any way to make the notes app stop stringing all the notes
> together into a long roll. This is one of the things I have completely
> hated forever. I'd really like individual notes....
> or are there downsides to that as well?
> brad

The way I get around this is to simply keep Notepad in 'overview' unless I'm
actually dealing with a particular note. When you deal with notes that way,
it's not too different from having a directory/folder on your desktop
machine and accessing individual files. Also, there's some package that
puts a button into Notepad that lets you jump to the top of the
next/previous note. To me, if the notes are related by topic (as
categorized by the folder they're in), it's good to be able to not have to
go to some directory structure and then open a whole separate note.

So, think of each folder in Notepad as a topical string of notes and use the
overview (and possibly some 3rd party package) to navigate within that
string of notes.

That's my proverbial two coins...

- Eric.


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