Re: [NTLK] audio files on Newton?

From: Sushi (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 07:55:16 EST

>>On 3/14/02 @ 16:58, Rolf Brakvatne wrote:
>>Yes, I did use SoundIconMaker. The resulting pkg of 432K
>>AIFF file was 20K. I also did the conversion from Classic
>>on X. That may be a problem. Used SparkME to make a AIFF
>>file of my voice.
>On 3/15/02 @ 17:26, Marco Mailand wrote:
>I think the AIFF making was probably okay but SoundIconMaker
>refused to create an appropriate package. There was some trick
>involved which I don't remember now and can't look after
>(I'm in the office and all Newton things are at home). You
>should in this case do the step and RTFM. I think SIM refused
>to make the pkg if the AIFF had a to high sampling rate or was
>to long or something like this. Maybe mono was required too,
>I don't remember. 20kB is way to small.

Maybe this will help. It's from the SIM Read Me file.

Sound Files
Sound Icon Maker accepts both System 7 Sound and AIFF sound files.
However they must meet the following requirements:

1) Uncompressed sound samples
2) Monophonic (single channel)
3) 8 or 16 bit.
4) Standard sampling rates of 8000Hz, 8012Hz, 10800Hz, 11025Hz, 11127Hz,
21600Hz, 22050Hz, 22254Hz, or 44100Hz.

Note that 21600Hz is the default sampling rate on MessagePad 2000s, and
will optimally be played back. 10800Hz is the default and optimum
sampling rate on the eMate 300s.

I hope this helps.


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