Re: [NTLK] WWDC convergence/Additional T-shirt suggestion

From: Phil Denton (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 08:45:36 EST

On March 13 2002, Jim Witte <> wrote

> I think it would be neat for a bunch of us to be walking around with Newt
2100's with new
>backlights, Wavelan cards sticking and microdrives sticking out the
>sides, and mp3 players blazing..

I would also like to see the rminton suggestion of the Newt "been there"
T-shirt list printed upside down on the inside front of a great many XXXL
fatso T-shirts.

These to be worn by the most imposing & corpulent listmembers who are
charged with the solemn duty of running through the audience with their
shirt fronts pulled up over their heads like Soccer goal scorers,
displaying the triumphal list.

At the same time the Microsoft leaping Monkey Man (repost pls somebody?) is
on stage and is transfixed by a circle of afficionados (Marco, Woo et al.)
demonstrating their superNewts and chanting their apps Wiccan-like all
around him. The most pompous listmember (chosen by secret ballot a la
current T-shirt design process) arrives on a SJ endorsed Ginger, accepts
the microphone and berates SJ and anybody else for being mercenary and
shallow and not supporting the Newt then hands him a bronzed SinclairZX for
his mantelpiece in appreciation. Anyone seen fondling or using a "PDA" is
peppered with unwanted dongles by Mr PCBMan and his team of dongle

I must stop now (a phrase starting to appear on this list lately).

Phil Denton

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