[NTLK] Upgraded 2000 + extras for sale

From: rminton_at_commscope.com
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 14:31:40 EST

I have my backup Apple upgraded 2000 for sale. Screen has a couple of scuffs
from regular use of stylus at certain spots but has no scratches and no sign of
jaggies. Good strong backlight, case in good condition with some scuffs from
being carried around but has no cracks or dings. All the little things like
door catches, card eject buttons and such are intact. Includes the 9 watt AC
adaptor, a good rechargeable battery pack, original stylus and two
Centennial/Bay Networks 4 MB Linear Flash cards. Your choice of either a
mini-DIN 8 adaptor dongle or 2100 to PC serial cable ( I have to hang on to one
or the other so I can still sync my 2100). I'll burn a CD with the original
2000/2100 software packages plus a few other odds and ends of software to fill
up the CD.

I'll guarantee it to be no DOA and will ship worldwide, shipping insurance
coverage is required regardless of where it's shipped.

$165 + actual shipping cost.


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