[NTLK] RTF export/import and Newtworks...

From: Scott Rogers (scottrogerspersonal_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 14:23:42 EST

Hi all.

Given the recent discussion of RTF, I thought I'd toss my RTF question
out there.

I am unable to import RTFs made in AW 6 or Word (both PC and Mac) into
*works* using NCU. I can import them as normal files just fine, but
they open in Notes. I've tried this in both the Mac and PC versions of
NCU, but with the same poor results. Indeed, exporting RTFs from the
Newton to my Mac results in an empty file, although on the PC they come
out just fine.

Someone, in another thread, chalked this up to NCU simply being quirky.
A program called X-port was also mentioned, but I'm unable to find it on
UNNA. Someone also mentioned that an older version of Maclink Plus is
able to create Works files. I have a recent version of the program, and
I suppose that I could ask Dataviz for a downgrade....

So...is there a way to move RTFs back and forth in/to/from/with Works?
Notes isn't versatile enough (I might as well be taking notes on a
Palm); I want to be able to retain font and margin information.

Thanks in advance!


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