[NTLK] Extensions Needed for NCU in classic Mode

From: Robert Hoehn (rob_at_hoehn.com)
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 04:03:41 EST

I have a barebones set of extensions for classic on my OSX machine. =20
Classic starts up in a flash, but I haven't been able to fire up NCU. =20=

I made sure I had all the extensions that listed as 'NCU 1.0' enabled=20
and as many appletalk extensions as I could find. Alas, I am still=20
unable to make appletalk active in the chooser. Here are the extensions=20=

that I have so far:

XTND Power Enabler
AppleTalk ADSP Tool
NewtonDeviceLib (iTunes Plugin)
Classic RAVE
Apple Enet
QuickDraw=99 3D RAVE
Open Transport ASLM Modules
Open Transport
Apple Guide
Open Transport

Anyone have any ideas on what I am missing? (for an ethernet connection=20=

to the newt)


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