Re: [NTLK] Extensions Needed for NCU in classic Mode

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 12:46:51 EST

>Am 17.3.2002 15:23 Uhr schrieb "Jon Glass" unter <>:
>> ObjectSupportLib is another extension it may add that can wreak havoc on
>> newer versions of the OS.
>I've a fresh installed system 9.1 and before I re-installed NCU and other
>programs I've changed the label colour to orange. ObjectSupportLib got not
>installed, but I'll have an eye on it too. Thanks for that hint.
>Marco Mailand

Actually, I just reinstalled NCU on top of OS 9.2.1. ObjSupportLib does
get installed but is now unceremoniously dumped in the trash by something
in the installer, perhaps installer cleanup. My boss at work wrote an
AppleScript that fixed this when it used to be a problem and distributed
it widely. The other extensions, NCU's version of AppleScript and
AppleScriptLib can be just trashed as they don't overwrite the new
version and are no longer needed.

Mark Ross

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