Re: [NTLK] ftp server on Newton

From: Michael Moss (
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 13:37:19 EST

Sorry about the subject, just forgot to erase it.
OK, here's my situation. I'm running OSX and have an ethernet LAN at home.
I'd like an easy way to share files (notes that I write on my eMate for
academic papers and stuff) with my Mac.
Any suggestions?


> On 18/03/02 13:04, "Michael Moss" <> wrote:
>> Are there any 'freeware' ways to start an ftp server on the Newt? Or at
>> least make a two way ftp connection?
> None that I'm aware of. There is the NewtFTP client (I think), but that's a
> client. With the unique file system on the Newton, I'm not sure how useful
> an ftp server running on it would be...
> -Laurent.

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