[NTLK] Newton screen issues

From: Benjamin Higginbotham (draco_at_silverdragonden.com)
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 20:36:47 EST

Ok, I know we covered this before, but I don't remember a resolution nor=20=

did I find one in the archives...

I have a Newton 2100 (upgraded) with a slight issue on the screen. When=20=

I tap on the corners, it shows up perfectly, but the closer I get to the=20=

middle of the screen, the further off center the carrot is. When I tap=20=

and hold in the middle of the screen, the dot shows up about 1/4" off of=20=

where it should be. When I tap and hold around the corners, it's dead=20=

on. THis created problem when trying to write, or select a spot on the=20=


I tried running setup again, but I get the same results every time. Can=20=

I assume this is an issue with my touch screen? If so, how can I fix=20
it, assuming it's possible.

My other option is to buy a new (well, new for me) Newton from MacEasy=20=

and hope it's is better shape.


Benjamin Higginbotham

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