Re: [NTLK] URGENT!!!! All Read This Is Freaky!!!!

From: Newton (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 13:22:05 EST

I don't believe the problem comes from DashBoard. I have moved it
several times from the internal store to the external. Regardless, if
DashBoard ist running or not. I never had a problem. I have an 32MB
external Pretec card


> On 20/03/02 12:32, "MuHammed Lonon" <> wrote:
>> Well if the are soldered then the problem is worst
>> than I thought because when I take all the packages
>> off the internal store. Both the Extras Drawer and
>> Dashboard say that there is nothing left-that the
>> memory is empty. So whatever they are getting this
>> info from is messed up as well. I am also skeptical
>> of "wiping". I have a back up of stuff but if it's on
>> the card what happens when i wipe the card???
> Hmmm, I don't know what's going on, but I think there is a bit of
> confusion
> about what you describe as what you're seeing and what we think you see.
> If you open Extras, there should be a few items in there. They're *NOT*
> in
> the internal store, although they look like they are, but they are
> *NOT*.
> They are in ROM and so far, I still have to meet someone who was able to
> erase a Read Only Memory.
> That being said, are you sure that Extras is set to show you *ALL*
> items on
> *ALL* stores? Check the popup menu at the top of the Extras window. If
> you
> tap the window title, a popup should appear. Make sure that "All icons"
> and
> "All Stores" are checked.
> Report back here with your findings and we'll take it from there...
> -Laurent.

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