[NTLK] Newton wireless coolness

From: Benjamin Higginbotham (draco_at_silverdragonden.com)
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 18:22:00 EST

First off, thanks to everyone who helped me get the 802.11 working on my=20=

Newton. It worked so well that *all* the Newton users in my building=20
have gone out and bought 802.11 cards too (hey, $50.00 can't be beat!)

I just wanted to let the list know how cool this is. I am going to be=20=

installing classic on my OS X Server box and run NCU so that we can have=20=

a 'Newton Server', allowing us to backup, and transfer packages to our=20=

Newtons over the network.

As I have stated before, I am a new Newton user and in awe of the power=20=

this thing has. It's amazing that a product discontinued 4 years ago is=20=

still one of the best PDAs on the market.

Again, thanks for putting up with my newby-ness, and I'm looking forward=20=

to many years of Newton-y goodness.

Benjamin Higginbotham

"I sense much NT in you, NT leads to Blue Screen.=A0
Blue Screen leads to downtime, downtime leads to suffering.=A0
NT is the path to the darkside."
         - Unknown Unix Jedi

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