[NTLK] She's dead I tells ya, DEAD!

From: Geoffrey Arend (shatten22_at_mac.com)
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 19:06:37 EST

Hello all-

I have been reading this list for a while now, all in preparation for
the arrival of my Newton u2000. I must say, I am mighty impressed with
all the help and support and innovation that comes out of this
community. I am proud to be a newbie here.

And while I was hoping that my u2000 would arrive error free...well one
could hope. Anyway, the battery is not charging, there is an error that
comes on telling me that the battery is dead. I can't do the "unplug,
plug-in, unplug" technique because the battery doesn't last at all once
the ac is pulled out. Any suggestions. Also, is there anyone
reconditioning these things in the States? I know there is that one cat
in the UK, but its bit far and a bit expensive. Any ideas where to buy
a new battery cheap? Or does anyone have an AA tray that doesn't cost
40 bucks? I know MacEasy sells them but it kind of hurts at that price.

Besides the battery, the unit is pretty good. A small crack in the case
near the mike, and a some small scratches on screen. The backlight
isn't too bright, but is it supposed to be? Anyway, if anyone has any
stuff they are selling, please let me know.


Geoffrey Arend

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