[NTLK] eMates, 130s, 2100s, PowerOn, a lot of stuff

From: Zander Goss (zandergoss_at_marmothall.net)
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 22:00:24 EST

I just received an eMate from PowerOn today in good condition with a
relatively beat up, but functional, serial port, 2 minor scratches on
screen, and a disappointing dysfunctional screen latch. Other than these
small issues, their service was good. I now have an eMate, a 130 I'm trying
to sell, and a 2100. I don't know what to do! I'm a seventh-grade student
for god's-sake! Seventh-graders were not made to have 6 computers (300,
130, 2100, iceBook 500, Handspring Deluxe, Fat Mac 512k), well, ok, palms
are too crappy to count! I gotta get rid of some of these, starting with
the 130! Any bids??? Email me offlist if you seriously might want to buy
it. Ok, so here. To all that bought eMates from PowerOn, did the software
package CD include graphing calculator and spreadsheet? I need those for
school. Second, in general, does having the broken latch make a possibility
for problems such as the newt turning on when I don't want it? So far, I
haven't experienced problems. TIA!

Zander Goss

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