Re: [NTLK] eMates, 130s, 2100s, PowerOn, a lot of stuff

From: Philip Katz (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 22:16:39 EST

On 3/20/02 9:00 PM, "Zander Goss" <> wrote:

> I just received an eMate from PowerOn today in good condition with a
> relatively beat up, but functional, serial port, 2 minor scratches on
> screen, and a disappointing dysfunctional screen latch. Other than these
> small issues, their service was good. I now have an eMate, a 130 I'm trying
> to sell, and a 2100. I don't know what to do! I'm a seventh-grade student
> for god's-sake! Seventh-graders were not made to have 6 computers (300,
> 130, 2100, iceBook 500, Handspring Deluxe, Fat Mac 512k), well, ok, palms
> are too crappy to count! I gotta get rid of some of these, starting with
> the 130! Any bids??? Email me offlist if you seriously might want to buy
> it. Ok, so here. To all that bought eMates from PowerOn, did the software
> package CD include graphing calculator and spreadsheet? I need those for
> school. Second, in general, does having the broken latch make a possibility
> for problems such as the newt turning on when I don't want it? So far, I
> haven't experienced problems. TIA!
> Zander Goss
> z-man-the-mac-guy
> SI-1
I can't buy anything off ya, but I do feel for you. I'm in eighth grade and
I have a 2100, icebook, iMac (bondi), iBook SE, Centris 610, Quadra 700, LC
575, and a bunch of classics and Ses (I got most of these at an auction).
Granted I only really use the 2100 and icebook, my room is full.

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