[NTLK] need a keyboard, 32 mb card(s), and help with loose dongle

From: Tad and Terry Crohn (t.crohn_at_attbi.com)
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 01:49:21 EST

Hi everyone. Can anyone help me. My keyboard seems to have bitten the dust.
I've tried attaching new connector cord but that hasn't worked and even if
it did I need a new or good condition keyboard as I do alot of word
processing on my little guy. Also could use one or more 32 mb cards as mine
is getting full and I would like a way to back it up quickly. Have always
had trouble doing this on my desktop mac. Sadly also the dongle connector
seems to giving up the ghost - it's loose and I have to jimmy it to get it
to print. Any thoughts about getting this repaired? Would I do well to get
my jaggy screen replaced at the same time?

I really appreciate any help with these matters. Also any Indiana newton
user group meetings? I live in Northwestern Indiana.


Tad Crohn

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