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From: Bradford Schmidt (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 11:00:18 EST

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On 3/21/2002 at 8:10 AM Thomas Hofts wrote:

>>>BTW, I was very happy to get a 4 function calculator with % and memory
>>>when I was in the 8th grade. The 9 volt battery lasted about 20
>>> But it sure beat using a slide rule.
>> I remember a Popular Mechanics article I read when I was in the eleventh
>> grade which was titled "Now -- a four-function calculator for under
>> $100".

When I was in grade school - middle 70's- I don't remember having
calculators. But my father had an "adding maching" at his office. Punch
the keys, pull the lever, add it up. Like a mechanical typewriter, but
with numbers. I used to love to go to his office and play with it. Then
the TI came out, with that COOL led readout and those positive feedback
clicky buttons - man oh man that was LIVIN'!.


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