Re: [NTLK] Bluetooth on Newton

From: David Arnold (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 11:06:28 EST

-->"Jim" == Jim Witte <> writes:

  Jim> or make an interface that would plug into the PCMCIA slot,
  Jim> maybe making it look to the Newt like an SRAM card (with a few
  Jim> other memory toggle locations to activate transmit, signal
  Jim> strength control, etc) to be controlled with a p-class.

bluetooth PCMCIA cards seem to be about USD100 or so. while not
cheap, this is probably the easiest way of interfacing to the newt.

however, this would require card driver software, much like the
wavelan, AND an additional layer to implement the bluetooth protocol
stack. the bluetooth stack is not small :-(


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