[NTLK] FS: 3Com ethernet card+dongle $17.50 del'd

From: Tom Zahm (tpzahm_at_mac.com)
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 16:56:53 EST

I was at the Post Office mailing out some cards today, and the clerk
inadvertantly it the 1st class button. It dawned on me that I can offer
shipping (well, for 1 at least) for $1.50 and knock down the price a
bit. Doh!

So --

3C589D card (gently used -- maybe a scratch, definitely a sticker --
tested and guaranteed)
+ new dongle (6", male RJ45)

cost: $16 ea.

shipping (any quantity):
                $1.50 by USPS 1st class mail
                - or-
                $4.00 by USPS Priority Mail

International shipping remains unchanged at $5.00

Personal delivery to warm climes via LearJet available at slight higher
cost. E-mail for details.

There's a picture of the dongle (and her brother [I don't have many
of these and am saving them for international orders]) at


How to use an ethernet card with your MP2k --

Required drivers (Farallon + 3Com patch) also available at chuma (same

Sorry, I don't have an excess of dongles (at least at the moment).

** Tempt me with a large order, and I'll just have to cut the price **
(Hey, all you active NUGs, did you see that?)

Reserve yours now via email -- tpzahm_at_mac.com

PayPal (tpzahm_at_mac.com), MOs, checks, cash, stamps, livestock, raw land
all cheerfully accepted.

Yours in Newtondom,
Tom Zahm

"It isn't easy being green." -- Kermit T. Frog

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