[NTLK] My 2000U arrived but no dongle

From: John Ruschmeyer (jruschme_at_mac.com)
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 17:08:12 EST

My 2000U from Phillydiscounters arrived yesterday. Good overall
condition, no obvious screen scratches, missing one door latch, and some
adhesive residue from a property sticker on the back. Apparently this
was the Newt of someone named Debra Hill of Astra Pharmecuticals
(according to both the owner card and a sticker on the 32mb card).

One problem- Philly fogot to also ship the dongle purchased from them
via a seperate auction, leaving me short on ways to get info into the
Newton. Until it comes, it looks like my only option is IR, unless I can
somehow beam enough of NIE 2.0 and the 3Com Ethernet driver into it.

Can that be done? I have access to the following:

        PC laptop running Win2K with Infared
        PB 5300c with Infrared
        MP120 w/OS 2.0 and 2mb flash card
        The resources of this list. :-)

I've beamed some small packages from the MP120 to the 2000U already, but
  (I thought) I couldn't load the Ethernet drivers onto the 120 since
they won't install.



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