Re: [NTLK] My 2000U arrived but no dongle

From: James Elliott (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 17:26:40 EST

Load the packages to beam directly from the laptop onto the 120 (I've
never had trouble installing them, despite the fact that they won't
work properly). You can then beam or transfer by card the beaming


>My 2000U from Phillydiscounters arrived yesterday. Good overall
>condition, no obvious screen scratches, missing one door latch, and some
>adhesive residue from a property sticker on the back. Apparently this
>was the Newt of someone named Debra Hill of Astra Pharmecuticals
>(according to both the owner card and a sticker on the 32mb card).
>One problem- Philly fogot to also ship the dongle purchased from them
>via a seperate auction, leaving me short on ways to get info into the
>Newton. Until it comes, it looks like my only option is IR, unless I can
>somehow beam enough of NIE 2.0 and the 3Com Ethernet driver into it.
>Can that be done? I have access to the following:
> PC laptop running Win2K with Infared
> PB 5300c with Infrared
> MP120 w/OS 2.0 and 2mb flash card
> The resources of this list. :-)
>I've beamed some small packages from the MP120 to the 2000U already, but
> (I thought) I couldn't load the Ethernet drivers onto the 120 since
>they won't install.

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