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Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 17:19:43 EST

Yeah, but back then, TVs were entertainment centers!
Our B&W Zenith TV sat in a burnished cherrywood
cabinet that was as long as the couch! The TV was in
the center of the cabinet, on the left was a
phonograph player (with real 16 and 78 speeds!) and
automatic changer that slammed the records together
(we could get 10 records on our spindle!). It also had
an AM/FM radio (definatly not stereo). This was a
piece of furniture that was the main living room. I
can still remember my father, leather patches on the
elbows of his sweater, close cropped hair, smoking a
pipe, standing at the console...or me early on a
saturday morning listening to the Lone Ranger
We didn't watch TV much...took too long to warm
up...and the parents said us kids couldn't (we were
restricted to 2 hours of TV a day...the radiation from
the tubes would rot our brains (or so we were told))
We didn't need any reasons though, just that our
parents said we can't was enough reason...we never
defied our parents!
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--- Sushi <> wrote:
> >On 3/21/02 @ 23:16, Eric L. Strobel wrote:
> >
> >And the more leisurely pace of having to wait for
> >your TV to "warm up".
> Yep. We could receive one station, on a good night.
> And if you wanted to watch a TV show at 8PM, you
> better turn the TV no
> later than 7:30 to give it 30 minutes to warm up.
> Remember the green dot when you turned those old
> TV's on? Very
> interesting startup/warmup process.
> Of course once you got it warmed up, everything
> looked so good in black
> and white -- as if we had a choice. :-o

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