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Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 17:31:55 EST

On 3/21/02 4:25 PM, "Ed Kummel" <> wrote:

> Well, I have this deep seated need to Hate $J so much
> that regardless of what the truth is, I will believe
> that $J killed the Newt out of shear spite and
> jealousy!
> From past experiences, $J has demonstrated his need
> for "back at-ya" kinda justice...(I'ld hate to p*ss
> him off in traffic).
> Why have this irrational belief? Well, unless you talk
> to $J directly and ask him, all you're going to get is
> speculation so if you need to believe something, make
> it something you want!
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> --- John Goggan <> wrote:
>> So -- can anyone fill me in on more details on what
>> went on between Jobs,
>> Skully, the Apple II line, and the Newton. I mean,
>> my impression has been
>> that Skully killed Jobs' pet project and, in return,
>> Jobs eventually killed
>> Skully's Newton. Is that just old rumor -- or any
>> truth to it?
>> Was the Newton line hurting financially by that
>> time? I mean, did Jobs think
>> he was making good financial decisions, do you
>> think? Or was Jobs ego just
>> getting back at Skully in a spiteful way?
>> Did the Newton "fail" because of high Palm sales in
>> 1996 (I believe they sold
>> like 350,000 of them the first year)? Or was the
>> line canceled when still
>> going strong financially?
>> Also -- was the decision to kill the Newton pretty
>> much Jobs' alone? Or did
>> he have to talk a Board of Directors into it? I
>> mean, I see people blame Jobs
>> for the death of the Newton -- I just want to know
>> if that is fair -- or if
>> there is more to the story...
>> Anyone more involved and/or knowledgeable want to
>> fill me in on the gory
>> details?
>> - John...
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I agree that Steve is like that, but I believe that, in addition to that, he
killed the Newt because it was costing way to much R&D money and not
bringing in any revenue. With much cheaper alternatives from Palm, etc.,
why would anyone buy a Newton for $1000, even though it is still better than
Palms? He also killed the Performa and a lot of other "bad" programs, but
he did keep all the good (by good I mean profitable) ones (Powermac,

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