Re: [NTLK] Using UnixNPI at 230400bps?

From: Hendrik Lipka (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 03:22:44 EST

Friday, March 22, 2002, 3:10:26 AM, you wrote:

>> This makes 3.5kB/s for the slow speed and 5.1kB/s for the faster
>> speeds. But 57600bps should give about 5.7kB/s (assuming 1 start and 1
>> stop bit), so some speed is lost somewhere... (The time includes
>> connection, handshake and finish-up, so I thought the transfer rate on
>> bigger files will be better, but on a 1.5Mb file I got 5.6kB/s).
> Hrm. I guess I put in the wrong flags into my termios.h, but it still
> worked. *shrug* This is going to need some more investigating by
> someone...

I don't think thats the reason. If the flags were wrong, there would be no
connect to the Newton.
I have just measured the flash memory transfer speed (using Nick's TestIt). For
the internal store I got 9.6 kb/s, for my card 6.3kb/s. So this could be the
real reason...

> Thanks, I've saved it. It'll be in the next release. In future, if you

No patch, but I found a spelling mistake in the credits - and it's my name :(


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