[NTLK] wired article about old Macs (and Newtons)

From: Steve Weyer (weyer_at_kagi.com)
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 08:00:56 EST

short article in Wired about popularity in Japan of old Macs and Newtons

"Where Old Macs Go Off to Thrive"

"The store also has a line on Newtons =AD- the original PDA pioneered by Appl=
that now seem so slow and clunky. A used Newton goes for 108,000 yen
($1,000). An unused one is 128,000 yen ($1,300). Goshu Trading stocks fewer
than 10, a bunch of Newton accessories, and an e-Mate, an antiquated
PDA-cum-sub-notebook that has disappeared into the mists of computer
history. "

[the prices seem high, and some readers here might question "slow and
clunky" and "antiquated"...]


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