Re: [NTLK] NIE 2.0 Full Install: Where'd Ethernet Go?

From: iB ∆∆к (
Date: Sat Mar 23 2002 - 01:19:41 EST

on 22/03/02 17:39, Cube-o-tron at wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> All seven NIE 2.0 packages including the Ethernet Module and Newton
>> Devices packages are installed. Proof of their presence is all 7 icons
>> in my MP 2100.
>> But LocalTalk, Modem, and Serial are the only choices showing in
>> Internet Setup. My reading and searches have shed no light on the
>> subject of the missing Ethernet option in Internet Setup. Can anyone
>> here tell me the error of my ways? TIA!
>Sorry, but there must be something missing. Are you sure you did install
>*ALL* of them on the internal store?
Thanks Laurent, yes all are internal. And required packages were
installed first. It must be operator headspace. Guess I'll have to take a
cue from Alex and re-install. Might I bug you off-list for advice? Don't
want to wear out my public welcome.

Incidentally, I found last night connecting the Keyspan Serial USB
adapter to the Apple FPD USB port (vs the keyboard) mightily aided
installation of packages.

Best Regards,
Ron S

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