[NTLK] Back to Newton, Ditched Palm/Pocket PC

From: Dave (dc623_at_mac.com)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 12:13:26 EST

I ditched my Handspring, and my WinCE Palmtop and broke out my old UMP2K!

Forgot how things could be. =3D)

Couple of questions though......

1. Anyone been able to use their Motorola StarTac ST7868W cell phone as a
modem via the serial port? I was playing with modem modifier, but don=B9t
seem to be using the right config strings. Would love something better the=
the 4.8k I'm getting as analog. . . .

2. Source for screen protectors? Anyone still make them? I took off my
old one, and see some faint scratches from before I started using them, so =
don=B9t want to use it too much without.

3. Sources/Hints for memory cards? I need at least a 4mb, preferably a
little larger (8-10mb), memory card. I don=B9t know if I want to use an ATA
card or not (I have a 20mb ATA sitting here from my old HP95 & 200lx
palmtops). I'm fearful of something going wrong in the field and unable to
access data due to corrupt extensions.

4. Anyone want to trade some Handspring equipment for another Newt that I
could keep as a spare? =3D)

Thanks everyone!

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