Re: [NTLK] Le Petit Prince in Newtonbook

From: John Goggan (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 15:17:35 EST

Laurent Daudelin wrote:
> > PS - Newton Press is the absolutely most buggy and unstable piece of
> > software I ever used (I didn't do any complex work with it until I started
> > to make "Le Petite Prince"). Wonder how Apple managed to _sell_ it several
> > years ago...
> I take it you'd never used Windows before...

Um, it isn't Windows fault that Apple wrote crap. It's an ancient 16-bit app
that allocates the necessary heap based on the user settings! What a pain!
Dynamic allocation worked fine when I was coding 16-bit apps. I certainly
never had to ask the user how much they would like. :-) And, if I DID ask
them, I'd certainly allow for more than 16k!

Don't get me wrong -- Microsoft screws up all the time. As a Windows
programmer, I'm quite familiar with their mistakes and commonly shout my
hatred of it. :-) But, in this case, I really don't think it is Microsoft's
fault that Apple coded some junk.

Plus, heck -- it was 1997! Coding 16-bit apps in 1997 that statically
allocated the memory needed at runtime was just lame. :-)

 - John...

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