Re: [NTLK] how safe is geeksafe?

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 15:25:37 EST

>> I have a question, how safe is geeksafe? Does it encrypt the store, and
>> so how strong is the encryption? I know of nicks FortKnox which has good
>> encryption also Password store by Standalone. What is you opion as to
>> best? Thanks in advance.
>GeekSafe does not encrypt the data at all. Nick's FortKnox does, and is
>now free - search this month's list archives on the website to find the
>generic recode and instructions.
>Victor Rehorst

Thanks for the info...I did some diging and found it. I have been off the
list for a bit...guess I should have checked there frist, heh oh well.
Thanks again!


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