Re: [NTLK] Back to Newton, Ditched Palm/Pocket PC

From: Dave (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 23:00:58 EST

on 3/24/02 11:31 AM, Bradford Schmidt at wrote:

> On 3/24/2002 at 10:13 AM Dave said:
>> 1. Anyone been able to use their Motorola StarTac ST7868W cell phone a=
>> modem via the serial port?
> What cable are you using to connect to the StarTac? This is something I'=
> like to be able to do as well.

I have tried using a Mac Modem cable from my SE/30 and also the DIN-DB9 'PC=
cable connecting through a series of 9-25 adapters, gender-benders, and als=
tried a null modem inline with the Motorola data cable. The best I have
gotten is the ability to dial out through PT100 and get a connect string
back but NIE seems **REALLY** persnickety about the modem and connect
strings. The phone only says 'CONNECT' not the verbose 'CONNECT xxxxx' tha=
NIE seems to want. Motorola says the commands are 'proprietary' and are
unable to release them. My former Motorolans that I knew in Libertyville
have disappeared. . . . Any ideas for what I need to add? I can get 4.8k
analog, but the carriers have removed their old MNP10 modem banks, so no
more MNP10.....

>> 2. Source for screen protectors?
> NuShield, though I haven't used them -

Ordered some, I don=B9t want any more scratches then I have already. Too lazy
to make my own.

>> 3. Sources/Hints for memory cards?
>> 4. Anyone want to trade some Handspring equipment for another Newt that =
>> could keep as a spare? =3D3D)
> You can solve all this at once by buying a 2100 from Mr.2ndhand on ebay.
> 135 bux, you get your spare, you get the additional heap of the 2100, and
> they come with a 4 meg card. I have my original 2000 in reserve as my
> spare.

Are the screens in good condition? No scratches or such? I'm just
picturing some accountant from Ernst & Young gouging out the screen with
their pen (no stylus), not caring since the company will just replace it.


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