Re: [NTLK] D-Link WAP 713P

From: Warren Stone (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 14:36:54 EST

The D-Link 713P has a parallel port print server so for a Mac you need a
Postscript printer with a Centronics style parallel port. You CANNOT print
to the printer via AppleTalk. You must use TCP/IP (LPR) only and you MUST
specify the que as "lp" (no quotes); not sure why just specifying the
default que does not work but I had to sniff packets from a Windows machine
to find the que name and then I was able to print. However the Newton CANNOT
print to this print server since it does not support TCP/IP printing.

However some print servers support AppleTalk. e.g. I have an older Intel
NetPort Pro100 at home which supports AppleTalk printing so I can print
wireless when I'm at home.

The D-Link does however support AppleTalk protocol between wired and
wireless devices. At work I can dock, sync and backup the Newton over the
D-Link WAP.


Way-Chung Wong wrote:
>>At home I use an airport for all of my computers. However at work I bought
>>D-Link 713P from Best Buy. I paid $179 but it had a $50 rebate so the
>>cost was $129. It works great with my Newton 2100 and my Ti Powerbook. It
>>even has a built-in print server. While it's not supported by D-Link you
>>even setup a UNIX style LPR printer on the Mac (que name is lp) and print
>>a postscript printer from your Mac (I have an HP 6MP). The 713P setup is
>>done from a web browser so Mac users can configure it as easily as Windows

>My question was, does it work with Appletalk? Well, I went to DLINK's
>web site to look,... and it does!

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