[NTLK] 2100 cracked open successfully

From: Alex (admeddemda_at_f-m.fm)
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 21:53:51 EST

thanks to all those who offered web sites for info on how to open the
2100 and disassemble it.

I have now sucessfully done a take apart and put back together of my newt.
Only thing I did wrong was forget to put 2 screws in through the
screen plastic cage piece and the front case plastic.... I have 2
screws left over, and I know that's where they came from. But the
unit functions fine. I will be opening it up again soon to put the
screws back in, but the thought of that after a long haul this
evening, wel i wasnt really up for it.

I may take some pics of the take apart process... I noticed on the
web that the descriptions and pix could be a bit more detailed. When
I get them done, I'll let the list know. It might help in not
forgeting to put screws bAck in (there are so many!!)

One odd thing I noticed on powering up the putbacktogether newt was
that it had jumped ahead about 6 days in the date, and i think abt
1/2 hour on the clock. Why would it do this?


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