[NTLK] I'm having dirty thoughts...

From: Geoffrey Arend (shatten22_at_mac.com)
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 01:49:02 EST

So I love my Newton and all, people stare at the u2000 and want to know
what it is and all that. It's great, I've discovered I can play
text-adventures on it and I am feeling fine.

But I went into a store today, that was having a major fire-sale and I
walked by this little thing called a SONY picturebook. A -little- bit
bigger than a newton. I was amazed. What a great toy. Fully-featured,
intense high-res color screen, firewire ports, pc-card port, everything
but a dvd drive (which they should have built in). I wish Apple would
come out with something this portable and powerful.

Japan has got it right, sub-sub-notebooks are the bomb.

there I said it, and I feel free. I love apple, but the pull of the
dark side is strong...


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