Re: [NTLK] OT I'm having dirty thoughts...

From: Stephanie Maks (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 09:10:46 EST

I have to admit I love the sub sub notebooks too.

I have a Toshiba Libretto 100CT, just a tad bigger than a VHS cassette case,
with 64MB RAM and a 6Gig hard drive. It's a 166MHz pentium, and just a
little bigger than my MP2100 it runs Red Hat 7.1 and Windows 95. (Though
the windows is hacked up to look like a Mac OS, and I put a big white Apple
sticker on the lid :). It has two PCMCIA slots and I have a dock with all
the I/O ports on it plus another two PCMCIA slots.

It's an older one of course, but runs pretty good still. With my Lucent
WaveLan card in it, it's almost perfect. The only thing I could think of to
improve it would be if it were made by Apple then I could have a real Mac OS
and probably USB & Firewire ports in it too.


> So I love my Newton and all, people stare at the u2000 and want to know
> what it is and all that. It's great, I've discovered I can play
> text-adventures on it and I am feeling fine.
> But I went into a store today, that was having a major fire-sale and I
> walked by this little thing called a SONY picturebook. A -little- bit
> bigger than a newton. I was amazed. What a great toy. Fully-featured,
> intense high-res color screen, firewire ports, pc-card port, everything
> but a dvd drive (which they should have built in). I wish Apple would
> come out with something this portable and powerful.
> Japan has got it right, sub-sub-notebooks are the bomb.
> there I said it, and I feel free. I love apple, but the pull of the
> dark side is strong...
> geoffrey
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