Re: [NTLK] Ethernet cards

From: Mietek (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 19:53:17 EST

>>Does anyone have any facts or feelings regarding which of the following two
>>ethernet cards is best for Newton use? 3Com 3C589D or D-Link 660?
>Well, this doesn't answer your question exactly, but I LOVE my 3COM
>3CXE589ET. Works flawlessly in the Newt, and has a nice sturdy X-Jack
>connector so I don't have to use any kind of dongle. Anywhere there's an
>RJ45 connector with an Ethernet bus behind it, I'm networked!
>I think I got it off eBay for something like $30.

    I bought this 3Com card on eBay for ~$15 (with US shipping) this
month. The seller - odiguys - seems to have now only the 10/100 Mbps
cards which won't work in a Newt.

    Maybe you could try emailing them if they still have some available?
They were selling them in batches of 10, but I think I was the only bidder.

    Big thanks to John Goggan once again!

    Mietek Bak <>

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