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From: David Golden (
Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 11:20:40 EST

on 3/29/02 1:21 AM, at wrote:

> It sounds like there are two issues here. The first is the periodic FAQ
> email that some people take personally - and I don't mean that in a bad
> way, just that some people feel that the email was directed at them. I'm
> on another list that sends a periodic email and that one is always prefaced
> with "This is a monthly reminder of ..." Perhaps the FAQ email can have
> something similar so that new subscribers don't feel like Victor is
> attacking them.
> The second issue is some of the responses that direct the questioner to the
> FAQ, RTM, or google. I've been on this list since 1997 and rarely ask
> questions because I prefer to learn from others. I read almost all my
> email on the Newton and delete as I go so it's difficult for me to take
> advantage of responses that are URLs. However, after five years on this
> list, I think I know all the responses that are being referred to the FAQ
> so I'm not too disturbed. However, I'm sure that newcomers may be taken
> aback to be sent elsewhere after they think they've found heaven. I try to
> answer questions that I know the answer to, but, since I download my email
> in bulk, by the time I connect again to the internet, someone has probably
> answered the question.
> Thanks to everyone for their continued participation on this list and
> allowed me to learn all that I have!
> Betty
I would like to add that many, if not most, other lists regularly post
reminders as to the location of it's FAQ's. This is helpful to newbies as
well as a gentle reminder to folks ( like me ), who should know better, that
there is a valuable resource readily available. And in the case of
NewtonTalk, we are very fortunate indeed to have such a remarkable resource!


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