Re: [NTLK] Pretec 32 mb card & 2100 screen

From: Thomas Hofts (
Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 11:56:56 EST

on 3/29/02 9:47 AM, Richard G. DAVIS at wrote:

> Tom....
> In the category of 'for what it is worth....':
> My brother is a devoted audio enthusiast, who avidly reads an 'exclusive'
> stereophile magazine published in the UK. In that most respected journal he
> read that the sound quality of audio played back from CD's that had been
> "cleaned" with Armor-all is dramatically improved as compared to untreated
> CD's. On a visit to his home, he delighted in playing two copies of the
> same CD, one treated with Armor-all, the other one pristine, out-of-the-box
> condition. I didn't have the heart to tell him I could hear no difference
> between the two. His devoted wife affirmed his belief.
> Some while later, I learned indirectly through his daughter that all of his
> CD collection had been replaced with newly purchased copies. Seems the
> polycarbonate plastic substrate that is common in CD manufacture had become
> chemically unstable and cracked profusely. All of his CD's were a total
> loss.
> Plastics and chemistry is an arcane, dark art. I have an overly pessimistic
> attitude about the wisdom of combining such stuff unless there is abundant
> evidence spanning significant intervals of time that there are not any
> risks.
> Do come back in 6 months, or so, and tell us how things are working out.
> :-)
> Best wishes....
> Richard.
> P. S.
> Armor-all is a popular product for cleaning interiors of automobiles. It is
> known for its 'leave-behind' film coating that restores the appearance of
> treated surfaces.
> R. D.
Agreed...Armor-All is strictly for vinyl. I used Rain-X which is basically
silicon suspended in alcohol. I have used it for years on exterior glass &
plastic lenses on my Subaru with no problems or damage. I'll keep you
posted for any adverse effects.

Tom Hofts

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