Re: [NTLK] Pretec 32 mb card & 2100 screen

From: Richard G. DAVIS (
Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 10:47:42 EST


In the category of 'for what it is worth....':

My brother is a devoted audio enthusiast, who avidly reads an 'exclusive'
stereophile magazine published in the UK. In that most respected journal he
read that the sound quality of audio played back from CD's that had been
"cleaned" with Armor-all is dramatically improved as compared to untreated
CD's. On a visit to his home, he delighted in playing two copies of the
same CD, one treated with Armor-all, the other one pristine, out-of-the-box
condition. I didn't have the heart to tell him I could hear no difference
between the two. His devoted wife affirmed his belief.

Some while later, I learned indirectly through his daughter that all of his
CD collection had been replaced with newly purchased copies. Seems the
polycarbonate plastic substrate that is common in CD manufacture had become
chemically unstable and cracked profusely. All of his CD's were a total

Plastics and chemistry is an arcane, dark art. I have an overly pessimistic
attitude about the wisdom of combining such stuff unless there is abundant
evidence spanning significant intervals of time that there are not any

Do come back in 6 months, or so, and tell us how things are working out.


Best wishes....


P. S.

Armor-all is a popular product for cleaning interiors of automobiles. It is
known for its 'leave-behind' film coating that restores the appearance of
treated surfaces.

R. D.


> From: Thomas Hofts <>
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> Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 08:36:11 -0600
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> Subject: [NTLK] Pretec 32 mb card & 2100 screen
> I just received a 32mb Pretec flash card for my MP 2100. I bought it off an
> eBay Dutch auction for $32 from MacSales. They advertised them as used with
> the possibility of sticker residue etc., but this card looks to be brand
> new, not a fingerprint on it and sealed in a plastic bag. I see today they
> have a ton more on eBay for $35 if anyone's interested.
> After a month I'm getting better with my 2100. Handwriting recognition has
> been a chore (probably because my cursive is so crappy) but I'm getting
> better. I was having a problem getting the stylus to "glide" on the screen
> and was concerned that I might be placing too much pressure on the screen
> leaving marks. Not having any screen protectors I decided to conduct an
> "experiment" (something my parents always cringed at).
> After cleaning the screen with alcohol, I coated the screen with "Rain-X"
> (the silicon based stuff you put on your car windshield to repel rain).
> First I tested it in a corner to make sure it wouldn't do any damage. After
> seeing none, I lightly sprayed Rain-X on a clean soft cloth and coated the
> screen, making sure I didn't get any on the case. After letting it dry and
> set-up for 5 min., I lightly buffed off the haze.
> I am very pleased with the results. No more pressure marks and more
> importantly my stylus very smoothly glides over the screen and feels very
> natural.
> Everyone have a good weekend and cheer on the KU Jayhawks to victory in the
> NCAA Final 4!
> --
> Tom Hofts

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