[NTLK] Got My MP2100

From: Bob Dawson (bdawson_at_affinitygroup.com)
Date: Sat Mar 30 2002 - 09:53:15 EST

The Newton MP 2100 I purchased on eBay from Varietyshop.com ($140 w/sh)
arrived yesterday and I'm very pleased. It is in cosmetically excellent
condition (but for one minor crease in the screen which is practically
unnoticeable with a screen protector on) and appears to be in perfect
working order as well. The batteries don't hold a charge but they were
pretty clear about that on eBay and I can use the AA tray from my retiring
Newt. Oh, and the BACKLIGHT is SOOOOOOOO much brighter than my old MP2K.

I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm about my Newt and now that I don't have
to think, for a while, about moving my life to the dark side (read:
PocketPC) I can again chase rumors of an Apple branded PDA ... ;-)
Didn't I read something the other day about an iPod only bigger running Mac
OS X and dual G4 processors with hwr and voice recognition and an onboard
video camera and integrated cell phone - for $300? I'm sure it's just around
the corner ...

But if it's not, my Newt will, once again, more than do for now!

Onwards & Upwards,

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