[NTLK] Re[2]: GPS serial port checking

From: Kent Jonsson (kent_at_sm4tfe.com)
Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 10:46:52 EST

On Sun, 31 Mar 2002 16:53:51 +0200
Marco Mailand <Newton2k1_at_mac.com> wrote:

> 1. Setup: Dongle -> Mini8 to DB9(m) cable (self-soldered according to GPSmap
> manual) -> Mating adaptor (f-f) -> DB9(m) to DB25(f) -> mating adapter (m-m)
> -> DB25(f) Serial Port tester DB25(m) -> DB25(f) to DB9(m) -> GPS receiver
> DB9(f)
> 2. GPS receiver let RD LED light green, on transmit turning red

Well, my only turns red during transmitting (once per second), the green
doesn't lit.

> 3. Newton (GPSmap or Terminal program) let TD LED light green, on transmit
> turning red.
> 4. Both LEDs light if GPSmap is running and GPS is on.
> 5. RD is turning red each 2s.
> 6. TD is turning red 3 times after starting up GPSmap and as soon as no data
> comes from GPS. It then tries to initialise the receiver with the three init
> strings (see my e-mail before).
> 7. All other LED do not light: RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, CD
I do have RTS and DTR lit when the correct port is choosen, otherwise
they are out.

> I've now proven that the sending of the INIT strings works (which didn't
> before) by means of sending only the first string (disable all output
> strings). The GPS stopped sending msgs.
> After sending all three strings it worked as usual but it was necessary to
> use the XON/XOFF protocol, no handshake and hardware handshake don't work at
> all.
> You should somehow achieve the same behaviour with your hardware.
> --
I digged in my cable drawer, will try them all now...


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