Re: [NTLK] MarWare Newton Stand, Was: Wanted: "BodyGlove" neoprene case for MP2x00

From: Matthew Reidsma (
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 12:12:18 PST

--- Jon Glass <> wrote:
> I have a friend who used to be into woodworking. I drew up a sketch,
> and he made one similar to the Marware stand, but all out of wood. It
> looks pretty good. I can photo it, and put it up on my web space if
> somebody wants to see it to imitate it....
> Unfortunately, I had a 120 or 130 at the time, so it's too short to use
> the pen holder with my 2100 (but that's ok, it has its own) :-)

Yes, I did the same thing. I initially built 2 for my 2100, one which was glued
together, and another which broke apart and reassembled via a groove system, so
I could easily take it with me or adjust the angle (I had designed it to have
3). I never did, and ended up gluing it together as well. Works quite well.

And my pen holder is just the right size for my cross stylus. :)

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