Re: [NTLK] Wanted: "BodyGlove" neoprene case for MP2x00

From: Till (
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 12:39:21 PST

Oliver Brose wrote:

> Yes, that's really a neat item. I think Till once had one (Till, are
> you still there?),

Yes, still listening :)

> and upon seeing it I asked him whether he would
> part with it. Answer was no-way-ever with a big smile.

When I take my Newton with me, it is most often in the neoprene glove,
the Lucent card goes into the little side pocket, and I'm set... I'd be
stupid to let it go ;)

> The only other
> time I came across it was on eBay as part of a really huge
> Newton-package, and I was really looking for it for a while. Consider
> it rare. If you do come across a good source for it, be sure to let
> us know, I'd take one. OTOH making one yourself or paying someone to
> make one might be more successful.

The case doesn't look difficult to manufacture. Someone with the right
sewing equipment could possibly be persuaded to make a batch of them...


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