[NTLK] Bluetooth and Sony Ericsson K700i

From: Sacha Zemp (sacha_at_my-home.li)
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 15:24:59 PST

Hello Newton Folks

I finally got my Pico Bluetooth Card. I have a new Sony Ericcson K700i
mobile phone with Bluetooth and was eager to discover if the two would work
I want to add that this is an ongoing test I want to present to you just the
first few findings.

1. discovery worked, and the newton was able to find the phone
2. Get Services worked. I have 2 serials ports and 1 dial-up network on the
modem port side. And I have Obex Push and Obex file transfer on the Obex
port side.
3. When setting the obex port to Push I was able to send a card in the vcard
format to the mobile phone and to store it in the adress application of the

I can only say that bluetooth is way cool.

Next step is to connect to the internet. Stay tuned.

I have ordered a second pico card. So if anyone needs a pico card, I would
be open to an exchange. Please email me off list.

Have a great day
Sacha Zemp

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