Re: [NTLK] MarWare Newton Stand

From: Raymond Kloss (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 07:20:29 PST

>Still reading, but haven't written too much recently - still have my MP2100
>but my Sony Clie UX50 has pretty much replaced it - WiFi, BlueTooth,
>keyboard tablet clamshell plays MP3, has a camera and records movies - fits
>in a shirt pocket, secure HTTPS Website wireless browsing with Netfront 3.1
>and BT phone or WiFi connection.
>Plus with the newest Decuma OnSpot HWRX it almost (well not really) does as
>good as a Newton.

Your Clie must feel in good company. Like the Newton, it has been discontinued. Sony had a good thing going, but they cut their losses due to poor sales and increasing competition. They seem to want to do everything, rather than a few things well.

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