Re: [NTLK] MarWare Newton Stand

From: Mark Rollins (
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 16:19:03 PST

> Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 15:07:57 -0500
> From: Victor Rehorst <>
> Subject: Re: [NTLK] MarWare Newton Stand, Was: Wanted: "BodyGlove" neoprene
> Personally, I have a Hi-Rizer Express and a standard Hi-Rizer.
> The Express is as shown in this review:

I still prefer my design - plans free here (near bottom of page)

Still reading, but haven't written too much recently - still have my MP2100
but my Sony Clie UX50 has pretty much replaced it - WiFi, BlueTooth,
keyboard tablet clamshell plays MP3, has a camera and records movies - fits
in a shirt pocket, secure HTTPS Website wireless browsing with Netfront 3.1
and BT phone or WiFi connection.

Plus with the newest Decuma OnSpot HWRX it almost (well not really) does as
good as a Newton.

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