Re: [NTLK] Things to do with my newton?

From: Dan (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 10:27:23 PST

Tom Stock wrote:
> Hi everyone, lately I've been using my newton for nothing more than an
> alarm clock. I really need some ideas because I don't think I'm using
> it to it's potential.
> Is there a PDF viewer for the newton? I pdf files would need to be
> fairly small unless the program were able to read them in blocks rather
> than load the entire file. How about e-books, etc, which could be in
> newton readable format (maybe html?).

As it has been said, there are a ton on UNNA ( It
can't read PDF files unless you want to convert each page to a jpg file
and then import that into a Newton Book. But it takes up a lot of
space. You can export the PDF to plain text if it is not a protected
one (encrypted) and then make a Newton Book from that, but it will
require a little editing first. You can also make Newton Books in
sections to save space in your Newts memory. For instance break up a
large book into two Newton Books (if you are making the books anyway, if
they are already in Newton Book format, it is possible but requires
exporting the book to Newton Works, then remaking the Newton Book).

You can also read HTML with Newtscape for example (a web browser for the

As for astronomy, I would suggest Star Chart. It is on unna in the apps
section. Very good astronomy tracking app.


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