[NTLK] Package Installation Error - nHTML

From: Gil Price (gprice_at_gilprice.com)
Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 06:14:49 PST

Good Morning All,

I have reached the end of my searching skills, I recently downloaded Gavin's
nBlog, nHTML and XML-RPC packages (non-time limited or expired). The nBlog
and XML-RPC packages install fine to my 2100. Whenever I try to launch my
nHTML package I get the non-specific -48809 error. My 2100 has been in use
for some time and has many various and sundry packages installed. I use it
wirelessly with no problems.

As a test, I installed all three packages to a non-networked 2000 (spare)
and while the nHTML package did launch and ask me to install the initial
database, it also gave the -48809 error during the db creation. But the db
was created and nHTML seems to be working fine on the 2000. The other 2
packages also installed fine as they did in the 2100.

This has led me to a conclusion that I must have an incompatible package of
some sort on my 2100. But for the life of me, I can't find any mention of
package incompatibilities with nHTML in any online source.

I am considering a hard reset on the 2100 and installing the 3 packages as
the first packages to check my theory, but I really don't want to go that
route unless all else fails.

Any suggestions on how to get nHTML to install properly or what any packages
it may be in conflict with through experience? If needed, I could list all
of my installed packages, but I'd rather get some suggestions based on
experience rather than guesses...

Thanks for any help you can provide...

Gil Price
Lexington, SC

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