[NTLK] NewtonIM Source Code Recovered

From: Jake Bordens (newton_at_allaboutjake.com)
Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 06:21:23 PST

Hi folks. Jake here, formerly of the Newton Underground, and author of
NIM (Newton Instant Messenger).

Recently, while migrating some old Syquest tapes and Zip disks, I found
the source code to NIM. I decided to release it under GPL.

I don't know if NIM even works, or if anyone uses it, but I have had a
few people interested in the source over the years. Its not pretty,
but it is available at:


I made a few changes (basically added GPL headers in a few places) and
tried to build a package. The package seemed to build, so I think the
code is all there and in good condition (or at least as good of a
condition as it ever was).

I also found some of my older source code (NUGDrop, a backdrop
application with tabs for access to the drawer) and Columns (released
by Tactile software) that I will hopefully clean up and release. I
don't know if I can really release Columns since I licensed it to
Tactile. Does anyone know if Robert Bruce is still around anywhere?

Anyhow, take care. I'll hang out on the list as well.


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