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> From: Tony Kan <>
> Subject: Re: [NTLK] NamesFixer
> Laurent
> All the informatoin is on a linear card. In the PC world there is a
> utility
> called chkdsk that allows sectors to be checked and potentially fixed.
> Is
> there a similar utility for the Newton? TIA

No, there is not a way to map out bad spots and live with reduced size
of a damaged card and still use it on a MP.

As an experiment ages ago, I had an Intel card with bad sectors, I was
able to find Win98 utilities from Intel to map out the bad sectors and
use it as a 3.2 meg card instead of 4- but only with the DOS filesystem
under Windows. The people here who know the low-level Newton hardware
stuff rather well said there was not a way to do something equivalent
on the Newton.


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