Re: [NTLK] NUdrop Pkg Recovered (Was... NewtonIM etc)

From: Jake Bordens (
Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 16:30:40 PST

> Thanks for your donation, Jake. It is appreciated.
> -Laurent.
> --

Yeah, no worries, I should have released it sooner, and for that, I
apologize. I do have to say that I just fired up the old thing and its
still really cool. As a Mac user now (I wasn't in the day) and with
the WLan drivers, its a pleasure to connect (and I imagine, develop)
for the thing compared to the struggles I used to have as a PC

I used SimpleMail to mail off an old pkg of the last version of NUdrop.
  A quick search in google seems to indicate that it isn't available
anywhere anymore. You can find it here:

I seem to have the source for an older version of the thing, (or
perhaps the screenshot that was in the same directory is just out of
date) even so, I'll package up the WinNTK project and post it

I have a memory card with some old stuff on it as well, I have to see
if it has any lost goodies on it. I know the card is around, but I
have to find it...... so currently anything on it that is of interest
is doubly lost I guess. :)

Anyhow, take care,

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