Re: [NTLK] NUdrop Pkg Recovered (Was... NewtonIM etc)

From: W L (
Date: Sat Dec 11 2004 - 01:47:37 PST

Ahhh, back in the days. :-( Check the archive, Gary M. is
still around and a few pdadashers... ;-)

...isn't great that simplemail is so up to date...

...courier and newtscape still do most of what I need on my Newt.

...wlan is great on my newts.

BTW, check the Dec. Macaddict issue, I think somebody had a great
article about the Newt. ;-)

Jake Bordens wrote:
> Yeah, no worries, I should have released it sooner, and for that, I
> apologize. I do have to say that I just fired up the old thing and its
> still really cool. As a Mac user now (I wasn't in the day) and with
> the WLan drivers, its a pleasure to connect (and I imagine, develop)
> for the thing compared to the struggles I used to have as a PC
> developer.
> I used SimpleMail to mail off an old pkg of the last version of NUdrop.
> A quick search in google seems to indicate that it isn't available
> anywhere anymore. You can find it here:
> I seem to have the source for an older version of the thing, (or
> perhaps the screenshot that was in the same directory is just out of
> date) even so, I'll package up the WinNTK project and post it
> eventually.
> I have a memory card with some old stuff on it as well, I have to see
> if it has any lost goodies on it. I know the card is around, but I
> have to find it...... so currently anything on it that is of interest
> is doubly lost I guess. :)
> Anyhow, take care,
> Jake

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